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Ceiling Sensors

Apex Lighting brings the most exhaustive inventory of versatile sensor solutions, each powered by the latest in contemporary motion detection technology. Ceiling mounted sensors are among the most sought-after sensors as they work efficiently with well-defined coverage. Apex Lighting Ceiling Sensors offer optimal energy savings via a dual mode. For starters, these are low-voltage sensor devices that consume minimal electrical energy. Secondly, they switch off the lights via precise occupancy detection. Apex Lighting Ceiling Mounted Vacancy or Occupancy Sensors work efficiently in most types of spaces and find wide commercial application. They work beautifully to optimize energy consumption for medium to large spaces, for ceilings up to 8 feet to 12 feet high.

Apex Lighting Sensor Switches work on a simple approach—when you pass into or out of a sensor zone, the motion detectors quickly identify the presence of a room occupant and switch-on the lights. The lights are kept on as long as the room is occupied and as soon as the space is vacated, the lights are turned off. Combining Passive Infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technologies, these Lighting Sensors, mounted on the ceiling, have an unobtrusive appearance that merges discretely into the room’s ambience. Providing 360 degrees coverage, these Motion Controlled Sensors are perfect for lighting management purposes with widespread presence in industrial and commercial spaces. These Ceiling Mount Sensors incorporate self-adaptive technology that eliminates the need for manual adjustments.

Trust Apex Lighting Sensors for delivering unsurpassed technological enhancements in motion sensor technology in an easy-to-install/readily usable manner. Expect enhanced signal processing with the best in visible, décor-friendly sensors, including Surface, Flushed, and Semi-flushed mountable designs. Apex Lighting Ceiling Sensors are distinguished with their sealed chamber design and are operational with AC or DC voltage. You also get customized Timing and Sensitivity settings for optimal performance.

  • Common Applications: compatible with ultrasonic diffusers, these ceiling sensors are an ideal option for Cafeterias, Offices, Classrooms, Libraries, Hallways, Warehouses 
  • Code Compliance: Apex Lighting Ceiling Sensors & Dual-technology Ceiling Sensors comply with California Title 24 & UL/CUL listing
  • Decorator & User-friendly: Apex Lighting Ceiling Sensor Devices gel with every type of indoor setting with their sleek, low profile. These Ceiling-mounted sensors are easy to install, equally effective with low-voltage wiring, and are largely maintenance-free 
  • Multi-technology Benefits: use of Passive Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic technologies in these self-adaptive sensors are able to sense the slightest motion in controlled regions with great precision initial activation before automatically read adjusting to a 2-minute time delay—the smartest and easiest way to reduce your energy bills!
  • Maximum Coverage: with 1200 square feet of coverage area, Apex Lighting Dual-technology Occupancy Sensors are ideal for offices, copy rooms, storage closets, small conference rooms, small restrooms, maintenance closets, break rooms, etc.


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