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Dual Technology Sensors

Apex Lighting’s dual technology occupancy sensor switches present the latest, most perceptive and precise form of contemporary motion sensor solutions. Unlike conventional motion sensors that use a single technology to detect occupancy or vacancy in a premise, Dual Technology Sensors combine the leading motion sensing technologies—PIR Passive Infrared Sensor and Ultrasonic Sensor. These two sensor technologies are seamlessly blended and put to precise control in one sensor switch, ensuring that there is no room for inaccuracies when it comes to switch the lights off or on in a room depending upon its occupancy status.

Dual technology occupancy sensors are the result of cutting edge research and development at Apex Lighting —we have been always vouched for innovation that can be molded into a practical solution for easy deployment and control. Both Passive Infrared (PIR) and Ultrasonic (US) motion sensing technologies are combined in Dual Tech Sensors without bloating the pricing or making lighting control mechanisms too complex. You get maximum reliability along with the promise of accurate lighting controls.

Double Technology Sensors incorporate self-adaptive technology. They conform to and exceed the current industry standards for detecting and operating based on occupants-behavior patterns. Apex Lighting’s Dual Tech Motion Sensors continuously adjust to sensitivity and time delay in real-time. These Self-Adaptive Sensor Switches represent the latest in highly sensitive PIR and Ultrasonic motion detection patterns, accurately detecting the most minor motion.

Apex Lighting Dual-tech Sensors can be customized to a pre-set time delay to ensure lights are switched off after a calculated time gap. Promising instant and long-term ROI with longevity and significant energy savings, Apex Lighting Dual-tech Sensors are a sensible business decision. They are equally effective for bigger households where ineffective light management can raise energy bills.

  • No More False Triggers: when used individually in high traffic rooms, US and PIR technologies might lead to inaccurate motion sensing. Dual technology sensors minimize the chances of lights coming ON/OFF
  • Undemanding Installation & Configuration: ready-to-mount Apex Lighting occupancy sensors offer ease of installment whether you are approaching a false ceiling or want front located adjustments for simple customization of sensitivity levels or time delays. Apex Lighting’s dual sensors behave like smart light plug-ins with little or no installation issues along with maximum scope for integration
  • Maximize Energy Savings: Apex Lighting’s dual motion sensors use tools like walk-through sensing feature to maximize potential energy savings by not leaving the lights even in cases of momentary occupancy.

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