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Led Area Light SL4 series

The New SL4 Series LED Super slim area lights are low profile and are made up of an aluminum alloy frame, LED light source, and driver. Replacements for 150 watts to 1000 watts existing metal halide and HPS area lighting and provides the best solution with the highest return on investment when replacing existing HID area lighting fixtures. Compared with HID and other traditional light fixtures, it is more efficient, has a longer life of at least 50,000 hours or even up to one hundred thousand hours, and has a very low breakdown opportunity, higher reliability, and lower cost. This high-performance, IP65-rated luminaire provides a minimum of 150 lumens/watt and is both highly energy efficient and durable.

Design style blending European and American styles, aluminum die casting process using DUPONT powder, round shape, never fade, and anti-cracking. Heat sinks and LED chips should be designed to be aerodynamic so that they can remove heat quickly and maintain low temperatures for longer lifespans and greater efficiency. Various installation methods can be used for round poles, square poles, walls, ground, etc. Screws used in the assembly are made of stainless steel SUS316, which is more corrosion-resistant than regular steel screws. A variety of experimental tests were conducted: wind resistance level tests, conduction radiation tests, 1.5G seismic tests, UV aging tests, drop tests, stack tests, etc. Save 50% on labor with this easy-to-install system.

*Options available: Photo Cell

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