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In-Wall Sensors

Apex Lighting Sensor Solutions offers passive infrared or dual-sensing technology (PIR and Ultrasonic combination) to provide the most precise lighting controls. Removing unwarranted power consumption due to unmanaged lighting units, Apex Lighting Occupancy and Vacancy Sensor Switches can help you achieve energy savings of more than 25%. Tested for heavy-duty usage and performance in demanding commercial and industrial applications, Apex Lighting Vacancy & Occupancy Sensor Switches ensure lights are turned off in vacant spaces and instantly switched on when the first footfall is registered. Apex Lighting motion sensors don't require intensive programming. These user-friendly sensors are compatible with newly installed and retrofit lighting fixtures/applications. You get hassle-free installation with negligible placement limitations. Compatible with all standard lighting control systems, these Motion Sensors are easy to mount. You can add additional sensors whenever required. Expect perfect compatibility for several types of lighting loads—including CFL and LED. No apprehensions about lights being switched on due to ample natural light!

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